Traveling at the speed of dick.
I love Scotland! #yesallthebuckfast

I love Scotland! #yesallthebuckfast


Electric Six - Infected Girls.


Electric Six —- Lovers Beware

Someone, somewhere is keeping track of what every pension costs

But he cares not for the human resources that he exhausts


Such a nonsensical, chill song that almost has moments where it’s…”Deep”. 

So… i had some real shit go on in the last few nights in and around New York but Electric Six were there for me and got me through it. I had a great time at the shows (I’ll upload some vidoes in a couple of weeks), my life peaked getting caught between Dave and his guitar while he was soloing the end of D!HV, he also gave me his sailor hat after the show, had a photoshoot with Dave so I can go on “tour” with e6 and met this awesome wizard as well as new and old friends.

Right now I’m in K-Man’s room touching his stuff while he’s in Europe land.



R.I.P. Electric Six’s cover of the Pokemon theme song.


R.I.P. Electric Six’s cover of the Pokemon theme song.


Had an amazing night getting to see Electric Six, at Vive La Fete. everybody put on an awesome show. Vulgarrity, Satellite Falls, Also got one of the three “I buy the drugs” shirts they had left! captured in action Mister Dick Valentine himself.


Last nights set at Fĕte, Providence 21/7

Nom De Plume
After Hours
Down At McDonnelzzz
New Shampoo
Gay Bar
Gay Bar Part 2
She’s White
Hello! I See You
Night Vision
Show Me Your Lights And Shit
Future Is In The Future
Danger! High Voltage
Adam Levine
Dance Epidemic
I Buy The Drugs

Dance Commander

Had an amazing time and met lots of really cool guys! Next up New York Rocks Off boat concert! Woo

Oh :c (at City of Providence)

Oh :c (at City of Providence)

Let the crap music begin! #crapmusicraveparty #aydendoherty
 (at The Bakery)

Let the crap music begin! #crapmusicraveparty #aydendoherty
(at The Bakery)


Just a heads up that Dick Valentine’s 2014 Party Planner is available for purchase now, and let me just say, I cannot recommend it enough.

I have planned many a party but still these recipes - both cocktails and appetizers are covered for the perfect party - have blown my mind, and I am ecstatic to use them at the next opportunity that lands at my feet. Valentine even draws from his musical background to provide eclectic playlists to help entertain your guests further.

(note: none of this is real, but it is very, very funny and please buy it)



I Don’t Speak French by Dick Valentine 


It’s been far too long since I reminded everyone that Electric Six is a good band that you should listen to.

This is also a reminder that Adam Levine is a bad band that you should not listen to.


Randy’s Hot Tonight - Electric Six